We have the manufacturing capabilities to ensure quality, speed, and smooth transitions into the marketplace.

Frontier uses state of the art Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) machining centers to produce implants and instruments at exacting standards.  Our milling, Swiss-turning and Wire Electron Discharge Machining (wire EDM) centers allow for not only on-site production but same-day prototype creation.    Design and manufacturing engineers are literally in the same room, so functional parts are fabricated in minutes.  Design iterations are measured in hours rather than days or months. This speed to market structure gives the Company a distinct competitive advantage in the market place.

Frontier’s CNC based machine shop has the capability to turn up to 32mm diameter material.  In addition, Frontier is set up with 4 and 5-axis milling centers.   Frontier also has a precision grinding cell to manufacture custom tooling.  Our Fanuc Wire EDM has an extremely reliable auto-thread feature which allows for repetitive precision when manufacturing intricate shapes with no recast. Quality is manufactured into each part with state-of-the-art inspection equipment including computerized “Vision” systems and optical comparators. All hard gauges are traceable to NIST Standards. Frontier is continually working to optimize its production facility and is presently designing in-house secondary processing cells to bring in-house electro-polish, anodize, passivation and packaging.