Frontier Medical Devices, Inc. was established in 2010 to invent, design, develop and manufacture next-generation medical devices that create better surgical outcomes for both surgeon and patient. With extensive experience and a comprehensive track record, Frontier covers spinal, orthopedic and cardiovascular surgical procedures, implants and instrumentation.

Frontier is an FDA registered facility (FEI:3009261583) and ISO 13485 Certified (BSI Certificate No:FM 566569).

We are a complete napkin sketch to market outsource solution for product development, located in Gwinn, MI.  With over 100 combined years of experience, our team will take a project from an idea through to final market release.   Working with you throughout the process ensures a quality driven product focused on “making YOUR challenges OUR solutions!”

Our Front Line focus includes:

  • Problem solving with “Inventive Solutions”
  • Collaborative Designs
  • Intellectual Property Filings
  • Development and Maintenance of the DHF
  • Regulatory Approval Process
  • Quality Control Programs
  • Self-Ready Production (inc. Instrumentation)
  • Product Training
  • Marketing  of the Product

Specializing in solving challenges is our priority, providing a better product to the market is yours… let us work together to ensure you are maximizing your investment.