The goal of Frontier Medical is to continually innovate and evolve next generation medical devices that create better surgical outcomes. The team will constantly strive to improve operative efficiency by providing surgical solutions that are cost effective and easy to use. Management will treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect. Positive shareholder financial returns will be achieved by conducting all business in a manner which aligns the interests of Frontier employees and its shareholders.

Frontier Keystones


Frontier will foster an imaginative approach to the advancement of surgical technologies.  We will be distinguished by our ability to create innovative solutions to treat difficult surgical challenges.


Our vision is to understand the impact of our decisions and actions on our patients, surgeons, employees, investors and community.  Frontier will be driven to learn the current gold standards of care and then relentlessly advance toward next generation orthopedic treatments to better meet the needs of the individual patient.


Frontier will cultivate a productive and trusting environment, and will foster each employee’s opportunity to learn, grow and reach their maximum potential.  Our team will endeavor to do things right and contribute to the greater good locally, nationally and globally.  We will be distinguished by our perseverance to exploit new challenges to improve the quality of life of our patients.


Frontier will respond with speed and diligence to produce quality, safe products beyond conventional expectations.  The team will strive to address the needs of its customers with precision and timeliness.

Shareholder Equity

Frontier will endeavor to build an efficient organizational structure and systems, to manage risks, focus on sustained and controlled growth, and thereby maximize the return for all of its stakeholders.